Like a lot of people, I'm a pretty big fan of The Office. So when news broke that a bunch of props from the show were going on sale in an online auction, I took my wallet and threw it across the room so I wouldn't be tempted to spend a stupid amount of money on a TV show prop.

It didn't work. I still have the urge to spend an irresponsible amount of cash just to own something from one of my favorite shows. And from the looks of it, I'm not the only one. Someone is bidding a thousand dollars on Jim's desk lamp. On a desk lamp. That's a little nuts even for me.

Actually, it is shocking how much people will spend on this kind of stuff. A lot of these are just normal things that don't really seem that specific. Dwight's keyboard? 500 bucks. Darryl's stapler? 200 bucks. Angela's mouse pad? 250 bucks. Two hundred and fifty dollars for a mouse pad!

Alright, I think I talked myself out of this. But still, are there any Office superfans out there that want to get something from The Office in their actual office?

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