The Roxy Theater has been closed down for a couple of weeks now, and that means Missoula has missed out on planned screenings like Sunset BlvdUnforgivenChinatown, and a lot more. And one of my favorite Roxy events, Trash Talk, was actually scheduled to happen tonight.

Well, good news! Trash Talk actually IS happening tonight... just, y'know, from home! They're planning on organizing a Netflix Watch Party, so anybody who would have gone to Trash Talk can join in online, watch the movie, and hang out in the chat room.

Now, originally, the movie scheduled was Repo! The Genetic Opera, but they had to change the programming, so now they're watching Tremors, which is arguably the greatest movie ever made. It's Kevin Bacon vs. Sand Worms, what more do you want?

Here's the info and how you can join in from their Facebook event page:

You can say a lot about Trash Talk. That we're loud, we're gross, or that we have terrible taste in movies. And that's all true. But you can never say we abandoned you.

Live from everyone's living room, Trash Talk presents Tremors!
When a quartet of land sharks set their ravenous sights on the small town of Perfection, Nevada, it’s up to Kevin Bacon, Reba McEntire, and the dad from Family Ties to stop the residents of this tiny community from turning into an all-you-can-eat buffet. One of the greatest creature features of all times, Tremors reminds us that it’s time to honor the real heroes: handymen, survivalists, and graduate students.

This movie will be hosted using the Netflix Party Chrome Extension and the link will be posted here Friday night just before 9pm.

Stay trashy, but stay safe.


Join the Camp Horror Quarantine Movie Chat to talk movies and vote on future Netflix parties:


HOW TO JOIN THE NETFLIX PARTY (do this before 9pm!):

1. Go here:
2. Install the Netflix Party extension in Google Chrome
3. Follow the link to the party posted here Friday night
4. Click the NP icon in the top right of your browser when you follow the link.
5. Add your name and choose an icon, say hello in the chat!

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