IT'S OFFICIAL! The legendary double-wide known as the Elbow Room Bar will be no more as the original staff and owners upgrade to one of the newest live music venues in the city of Missoula. But then question is...WHEN?

Mark your calenders, the final trailer party will be Thursday, December 22nd, and the opening of the new Elbow Room will be....(drum roll)....the night after, Friday, December 23rd. Join The Tallest DJ in America, and the newest addition to the turntable lineup, DJ Chunkiye for 48 hours of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new.

In 2012, the lineup will be as follows:

Thursdays- The Tallest DJ in America music video remix dance party

Friday- DJ Chunkiye and The Tallest DJ on 4 turntables.

Saturday- Live bands and/or special theme nights.

And the best part? This is only the start! The newly named (and still under construction) Crimson Events Center attached to the venue will open before the snow hits next year. This huge additional space will be the home of major concert events, MMA fights, massive city-wide dance parties and anything else that needs a stage.

Who's excited? We are!!

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