The opening of the new Elbow Room signals the end of an era. We are talking about three decades of wild and crazy fun in a legendary Montana double-wide trailer here, people! From the down-to-earth and often friendly regulars who frequent the bar after work, to the college crowd who burned holes into the floor from a mixture of progressive beer spills, dropped Jager Bombs and non-stop dancing. And, let's not forget the Bartenders New Years or the super fun Sod Parties!

Nearly every person in Missoula,Montana over the age of 21 has partied at least once in this establishment so there are bound to be more stories to share than what is currently written upon the men's bathroom walls.

And so we ask:

"What is your favorite (and maybe not so favorite) memory of the old Elbow Room?"

We hope that you share your story in the comments section below as we attempt to archive all the fun times for everyone to see and reminisce upon for many years even after the trailer closes it's doors.

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