Voted Best Radio and Club DJ 2004-2011 c/o Missoulian, Independent, Idaho Broadcasters

To say he is America's Tallest DJ wouldn’t be far from the truth when it comes to Aaron Traylor who clocks in at a whopping 6 foot 10 inches and has been the premiere source of the Northwests born and raised talent for 20 years; a radio disc jockey, music innovator and a true legend in the local scene.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Aaron started his career as a budding disc jockey when he was a young teenager. To be specific, 1992, when hip hop and dance music really began to intertwine. It is no exaggeration to say that Aaron was in it from the start especially when you consider how he balanced hit music in one hand on the FM dial, while performing at both rap and techno events with the likes of Six Mix Alot, DJ Dan, Pussycat Dolls, Markus Schulz, Ne-Yo, Donald Glaude, and Digital Underground.

Finessing his style with vinyl at small clubs in Spokane, Aaron's focus in the early 90's behind the turntables translated into a deep understanding of what people desired on the dance floor, an instinct even sharper now with age.

The latter part of the 90's brought Aaron into the Pacific Northwests deepest underground events drawing inspiration from the late night rave scene that was starting to emerge, wielding his skill on numerous dance floors. As the scene grew larger, Aaron was in the middle of what some called a new music revolution; promoters from both sides of the hip hop and techno scene rallied for his ability to spin all styles of music for an even larger variety of people.



All the while Aaron re-invented the sound of mainstream radio which lent itself to breaking the most current stars of the hit music genre. Aaron continues to be an advocate for the formation of the finest radio disc jockey talent on the FM dial that attempted to push the limits of normal mainstream stations. Aaron's unique vision of promotion saw him execute the street campaigns and radio club nights that soon shaped into a loyal culture that remains in the cities in which he lived. With an ear for great music and an eye for amazing local talent, it was at around this time that Aaron became one of the most award winning DJ's in this region and a syndicated radio host for some of America's most unique mid-town cities.

With a solid finger on the pulse of music, The Tallest DJ in America has witnessed styles come and go, and yet still leads the pack when it comes to what the audience wants. Representing clubs, radio, and online with his massive social following simultaneously is something that requires true skill. A skill put to the test when Aaron won a world record for mixing in 2002 for a full 63 hours without sleep!


In 2012, Aaron's novel "The DJ Chronicles: A Life Remixed" hits all mobile devices including Nook, Kindle, and iPad and is currently available in stores around the world. His "Tallest DJ in America Show" can now be heard on 104.7 Kiss FM in Casper, Wyoming and 107.5 Zoo FM in Missoula, Montana. Aaron also just recently introduced the ability to remix music videos in 3D, offering a true third dimension to his growing dance floors. From radio, to raves, nightclubs and all in between, these adventures from the previous two decades will bring you back to the future and beyond with the one and only...Tallest DJ in America, Aaron Traylor







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