Nickelodeon in 1999 and 2000, perhaps inspired by the success of Keenan and Kel which debuted in 1996, was making more live-action shows for teenagers that would later appear on TeeNick (Nickelodeon for teens) in 2001. In that 2-year span Nickelodeon released The Amanda Show, 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd, The Brothers Garcia and the show I'm writing about now, Caitlin's Way.

The show premise is that Caitlyn, a 14-year-old troublemaker from Philadelphia gets expelled from her Catholic school and is left with two options: go to juvie or live with her aunt and uncle in Montana. She of course chooses the latter option, despite it being a total change in lifestyle. So yeah, the show was basically like a rural, drama version of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which debuted in 1990.

The show had 3 seasons and a total of 52 episodes, so it must've been at least a decent success. That's no surprise to me because the show had a lot of things going for it. Great humor as well as dramatic moments performed by skilled actors, and of course the setting was absolutely gorgeous... it was actually filmed in Alberta, Canada but that's a beautiful place too. A lot of the show is available for free on this guy's YouTube channel, here's an episode I picked at random below:

It's entertaining to see this 90's-style, punk teenager adapt to life in Montana. There's great lines like "a cow with a nose ring, at least someone has style around here." With more movies and shows being filmed in Montana lately, I wouldn't be surprised if Nickelodeon goes for the reboot.

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