Montana children are on a whole different level. While they are hard-working, polite, and (mostly) well-behaved, sometimes they still need discipline, and sometimes parents have to get really creative.

Growing up, my brothers and I weren't exactly little angels. As a matter of fact, I think I was grounded more than un-grounded. My parents tried everything, but at the end of the day we were really stubborn, and we loved to beat each other up. This caused my folks to get really creative with their punishment tactics.

I knew I couldn't be the only one growing up in Montana that had to endure "creative" discipline, so I went to the phone lines and asked listeners what their parents did when all other punishments wouldn't work. The results were nothing less than hilarious. I've even attached the audio for your ear's enjoyment.

Manual Labor

This was my dad's personal favorite. He used to send us out in the field with a shovel and just told us to "dig". We weren't digging a new well, or holes for fence posts. We just had to dig until he decided we got all our aggression and energy out. This tactic worked very well in the winter when it was 10 below outside and the ground was frozen.

Everyone Love Everyone

Instead of the belt of the paddle, this listener's parents went the exact opposite way. He tells how he and his brother would have to give each other a kiss as punishment for acting up, and there is nothing worse than having to kiss your brother when all you want to do is beat him up.

Take Your Own Medicine

When this listener and her sister wouldn't quit bickering, her parents gave them a taste of their own medicine with this creative move. They were set at opposite ends of the house and had to yell at each other back and forth all day so they could see just how annoying and frustrating hearing that all day sounds.

Hanging Around

Well if you can't keep the kids from fighting or keep track of them, you have to use your imagination. Growing up on a farm or ranch there are tons of tools hanging up in your barn. And in this family, there were also two children hanging from those hooks in their overalls. It's hard to punch your brother when you're stuck on a wall 5 feet off the ground.

Oh Nelly, It's Getting Hot In Here

Have you ever had your mouth washed out with soap? It's never fun, but after a while, it really wasn't that bad, and stopping a kid from Montana from cursing is like trying to rope the moon. Parents have to step things up a notch as these ones did. When these kids got out of line, they had to take a shot of hot sauce and weren't allowed milk or water for one hour. Fast forward and apparently, this tactic backfired because they all love hot sauce now.

I knew I wasn't the only one with frustrated parents growing up. Thanks to everyone that called in to share their childhood memories.

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