This week I wrote an article that listed romantic restaurants in Missoula for dates. Those places are great for special occasions, but some dates, particularly dates with someone you've been with for awhile, are more casual. That doesn't mean romance can't involved. Here are some less expensive options for romantic dining in Missoula:

The Old Post

A great interior with a stage for the occasional band or musical artist. Great for brunch, dinner and in between.

El Cazador

Anyone who says there's no good Mexican food in Missoula is clearly forgetting about El Cazador, and I say that as someone who's had Mexican food in Mexico as well as Los Angeles. Add some spice to your love life with El Cazador.

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Romeo's Italian Kitchen

I knew Italian food was romantic ever since I saw those dogs eating spaghetti from that scene in Lady and the Tramp. If you want something more upscale I recommend the new Florabella, but Romeo's Italian Kitchen has been a staple here for a reason.

Stave and Hoop Speakeasy

If you haven't been to Missoula's speakeasy yet, I totally recommend it. It's underground with a 20's-ish atmosphere you won't get anywhere else in town. Lots of shows, including burlesque, dueling pianos and stand-up comedy.

Miller Creek Cafe

This place is particularly great on nice days for a meal out on the patio. Burgers, wraps, breakfast and more.

Rice Fine Thai Cuisine

Delicious Thai food, don't be afraid to try something with peanuts. Zoo Thai is also great, both places have spicy and mild options.

Applebee's Grill + Bar

They have their "2 for $24" menu and this may seem funny but to me there's something romantic about a particular deal made for pairs. Why am I getting weepy about this?

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