This Saturday should be quite the sight. And for those who want to impress it should be quite a challenge...

But trust me, it's worth a shot at attempting this unique obstacle because it could mean a year gym membership! Something tells me that if you can TOW A HUMVEE ON YOUR BACK you'll likely enjoy that for a grand prize. 

It works like this: Be at Gold's Gym on Reserve this Saturday for its 10 year anniversary. You know that Humvee you always see parked out there all the time? Pretty sweet ride, huh? The fastest person to literally tow that rig behind them will score a membership there.

And for the ladies, we have a Jeep you can tow if you so choose. Again, a free years membership! Worth a shot, right?

Registration begins at 10:00am in the parking lot.

Also, it's worth peeking your head inside because Gold's will be going all out for their decade celebration. I'll be DJing the workout music! Train Pretty and Train Cocky apparel will be slinging the newest designs of apparel and Missoula's Max Muscle will be joining the party to supply the extra motivation and supplements for the workouts.

Happy 10th, Gold's Gym! Thanks for helping the Missoula community stay healthy and in shape. We will see you Saturday.