Heads up, in case you were not up to speed yet. NOT A SINGLE PERSON wants to see you brag about your workouts. Believe me, I'm a prime example. But don't take it personal, others just don't care to hear about other people working out. 

To be quite honest, it's one of the least entertaining things most of us could talk about, oh, that and fantasy football. Ok, now that we are clear...this is what really annoys people who are guilty of such things.


We've learned that many people are DISHONEST to their family and friends about what they do during their exercise routines.


When someone brags about how far they run, it's on average exaggerated by about 1.25 miles.


About a third of people lie about their soreness when in reality they really didn't workout hard enough to justify it.


Over a quarter of people bring workout clothes to work, with zero intention of actually hitting the gym afterwards.