I love being outside, and I don't usually let the weather stop me from taking a nice walk through Greenough Park or to the bars downtown. We Montanans are proud of the way we're able to handle the cold, and we do flex about it when we talk to people who live in other states. Not when we're talking to Minnesotans, but you get the idea. When my friend from Portland complains about the cold, oh boy do I have a grand old time bragging about how much colder it is here and that I don't even mind. Ohhh but I didn't feel so tough last night.

The thought of moving from this beautiful state never crosses my mind, but when the temperature falls lower than -10 degrees I do fantasize about winning the lottery and spending my winters... pretty much anywhere else. Here's a list of places I'd rather be than outside last night in Montana:

A Baskin-Robbins Walk-In Freezer

It's also cold, but at least there's ice cream.

Mike Tyson's House

I'd rather risk the chance of Iron Mike knocking me out for trespassing than take out the garbage during last night's squall.

A Coachella Porta Potty

I know it smell crazy in there, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

A Sweat Lodge

The extreme heat isn't pleasant either, but you don't gain spiritual insights when you're busy thinking the phrase "dang, it's cold" over and over.

A Dive Bar

To be fair, I'd always rather be at a dive bar.

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