The Capricorn is an interesting astrological sign. I mean, it's a goat with a fish tail, which is as bizarre as it is humorous. If you're curious why the Capricorn is that way, apparently it's because the Greek god Pan jumped into the water as he was changing into his animal form. That is horrifying, but like Sisyphus, I imagine Pan is happy. Camus, anyone?

We're passing the zany Sagittarius season, which is active to the point of being potentially overwhelming. That's especially true this in Missoula, with so many events and so much holiday excitement. Whether or not you believe in astrology, you can feel the vibe shift that happens as we slow down for the true start of winter.


If you want to get a sense of what Capricorn season is like, think of New Year's resolutions. Capricorn season (this year it's December 22nd through January 19th) is an ambitious time, it's also grounded and practical. That means you may feel inspired to start making good habits that will help you reach your goals. With how cold late December and January is in Missoula, you won't feel too much FOMO when you stay inside to get some work done.

If you really embrace the spirit of Capricorn season, you'll grind on tasks you've procrastinated on and you'll work hard to be a better person. That can be exhausting, so I recommend taking New Year's Eve to let loose. Fortunately Missoula has plenty of events that night, so maybe dance to some bluegrass music at The Lil Smokies show at The Wilma, or if you'd prefer some funk, go to the Shakewell show at Top Hat.

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