Hollywood is so dumb, they'll probably bring us another Morbius movie instead of what we all really want— romantic comedies. For some reason they've gone out of style, but I think the tide is turning, and maybe just in time. It's been a hard last few years, and quirky, lovey-dovey movies can remind us what life's all about. Ok, I'll get off my soapbox.

As my contribution to reminding the world how great romcoms are, here's a list of Montana towns and which movie they most resemble:

Bozeman - 500 Days of Summer

It's a movie about two vapid hipsters bonding over consumerism so I'd say it's a match. It also takes place in Los Angeles, which is basically Bozeman at this point.

Helena - Legally Blonde

Because our state's capital seems like the kind of place that would want some courtroom drama scenes mixed with their love stories.

Butte - Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Because of course Butte's romantic comedy would need guns, duh.

Hamilton - Groundhog Day

Living the same day over and over is kind of like life in Hamilton if you think about it.

Missoula - Shakespeare in Love

Zootown is the only Montana city cultured nerdy enough for this movie to be a great fit.

Sleepless in Stevensville

I had to.

Billings - Wedding Crashers

Let's not pretend Billings doesn't have it's share of wedding-crashing bros. That kind of hijinks is right up their alley.

Great Falls - The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Because everyone would like to forget they ever heard about Great Falls.

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