There's a big problem with the show Yellowstone. It's not not the brilliant cast or the eye-catching cinematography, nor is it the show's moving score or thoughtful storytelling. There's nothing about the the production of Yellowstone I could even muster a criticism for, with so many factors making the show a huge success— but that's it. The success is the problem.

The show is so popular that it's convincing people to move to Montana, which is particularly troubling during a housing crisis. Now there's there's talk of Matthew McConaughey being in a Yellowstone prequel which is the opposite of how I want the spinoff to be. We need a show so bad that it convinces people to never move to this state. Here are some of my ideas:

Yellowstone: 3000

The show takes place in the year 3000 because think about how great Yellowstone would be with robots. Oh, you think it would be worse? Yeah, that's the point.


When something dramatic happens the cast breaks out into singing and dancing, and the songs alternate in genres from polka dubstep to brutal death metal.


Bears, bison and mountain lions will constantly harass and maim all the characters, that aught to scare away the Californians.


Every scene takes place in a blizzard, no exceptions. If people want to move here, they should see the blistering cold, icy truth.


Each episode takes a stand on a political issue and pushes it hard, to the point where the plot becomes secondary to the message. Because people love when TV shows lecture to them.


For more on that, check this out.

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