I don't care what a groundhog says, spring doesn't come early in Montana. Well, to be more precise, it does come early— then it leaves, then comes back again and leaves at least one more time before coming back for real. The Facebook page for Grizzly Fireplace posted this on Facebook almost 5 years ago and it's stuck with me ever since, here are the 12 seasons of Montana:

1. Actual Winter ⛄️
2. Fool’s Spring 🌧
3. Second Winter ❄️
4. Spring of Deception ⛅️
5. Third Winter 🌨
6. Mud Season ☔️
7. Actual Spring 🌸
8. Actual Summer 🏖
9. Smoke/ Fire Season 🔥

10. False Fall ☁️

11. Second Summer ☀️
12. Actual Fall 🍁

Montanan's know the fickle weather in this state, but I think wishful thinking can sometimes deceive even the most cynical among us. Here are some reminders to make sure you don't fall for false spring this year:

Don't plant your garden

I know it's tempting, but if you want your plants to survive then you absolutely have to wait. Jack Frost will strangle your rosebuds like a jiu jitsu blackbelt and laugh at you as you try to revive them using your tears.

Don't remove your snow tires

If you're looking for chores to handle, don't get too excited and replace those just yet. It could be a huge mistake, think about how much you'd hate putting those back on during a blizzard.

Keep your winter clothes handy

If you're like me, you bury your winter stuff in the back of your closet as an attempt to move passed the trauma that winters do to you each year. That's fine but wait until May.

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