Imagine a tourist who's planning his trip to Sidney, Australia. He's going to hit the beach, cuddle with some koala bears, box a kangaroo and, of course, throw a shrimp on the barby. The tourist boards the flight and takes a nap before what was supposed to be a dream vacation, but that dream was not to be. For when the tourist woke up he found himself at an airport not far from Sidney... Sidney, Montana that is. That actually happened, according to a ride share driver who told the story on Facebook.

Sidney isn't the only city in Montana that could potentially confuse travelers, here's a list of Montana cities that share names with other places:

Glasgow, Scotland

Our Glasgow is much colder, but both cities have an appreciation for whiskey, although they spell it without the whisky (no "e") over there, which bothers me immensely for absolutely no reason.

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Belgrade, Serbia

Their Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, was part of the Roman empire, the Ottoman empire and Yugoslavia before its current status. It has a long, complicated history that a historian could spend their entire career studying. Our Belgrade is nice too though.


I totally forgot Malta is also a country, it's an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and I have no idea what happens there, probably wine stuff.

Manhattan, New York

If anyone tells me they're going to Manhattan I'll assume they mean in New York, even though our Manhattan is obviously much closer. That's because media has rotted my brain.

Various Cities, Texas

I've heard Montana referred to as Texas North, and I suppose we do have some similarities. Particularly in our taste for city names. There's Shelby, Livingston, Columbus and Helena— there might be more too, Texas is a big place.

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