Montana's in a housing crisis and I have no idea what's the best thing to do about it. Through research I found some unorthodox ideas, though I doubt any of those will be implemented anytime soon. I'm not educated on ways to handle huge socioeconomic issues such as this, but I have read a lot of comic books. Here's how we'd solve our housing crisis if reality were more similar to a cartoonist's imagination:

Shrink Ray

You know like in that boring movie starring Matt Damon, Downsizing. Make us all miniature and we could all have lake view property, although it would look more like ocean view property to us teeny-tiny folk.

Build Faster

Metropolis gets pulverized in every other issue of Superman and yet you never see any damages or any construction going on, so it must be happening really fast. Housing wouldn't be so expensive if there were huge apartment buildings in Montana's big cities by next week.

The Matrix

Think about it, our bodies could be stored in a warehouse while our minds are living in a mansion in a virtual Montana. Or we could live in the Kanto region of Pokémon, that's where I'd be at least.

Dino Capsules

If you've never seen Dragon Ball you're lost right now, allow me to explain. See, they keep houses in a capsule you can fit in your fist and and when you throw it, the thing becomes a full-sized house. Then you can put it back in the capsule again when you want to leave. If these existed, with logistical planning our crisis would be over in no time.

Genie's Lamp

I'd wish all the Californians back where they came from— and with that done I might not even bother with the other two wishes.

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