While I've never partaken in the devil's lettuce, that vile weed, I do appreciate the creativity behind each of the cannabis strain names. As someone who loves any name with the word "Montana" in it, my favorite is the Montana Silvertip, a cross between Granddaddy Purple and Super Silver Haze, according to the cannabis information website WikiLeaf. Based on furious Google searching, I'd say it's probably the most-famous strain from Montana, with second-place being Snow Montana, a cross between Pure Kush and Snowcap, again according to WikiLeaf.

The more time goes by with cannabis being legal here, the more local growers will be able to breed strains that win awards in Stoned Silly Magazine or whatever, I made that up. If you're the person who gets to name these strains and want to show some Montana pride, here's some name ideas for you:

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Butte Dream

Like Blue Dream, but be careful, one two many hits and you'll feel loopier than a Butte Saint Patrick's Day.

Huckleberry Skunk

Blueberry Skunk's cousin but much more delicious.

Dana Carvey OG

Born in Missoula, this comedian's strain would definitely give you the giggles.

Montanan Thundercuddle

Our more wholesome take on Alaskan Thunder****.

Whitefish Cake

A cross between Bubba Fish and White Cake OG, although you'd need to assure customers that Whitefish Cake tastes better than it sounds

Pinetree Express

The sequel to Seth Rogan's stoner comedy that you never knew you needed.

MT Ultra

An entrancing cannabis strain that almost definitely has no ties to the actual MK-Ultra experiments.

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