Phew, all the intellectual pondering of Aquarius season can be exhausting after awhile, especially in a place like Missoula that has a cerebral character in any season. We've been thinking, researching and with the help of our cold winter, we may have been more solitary, with a focus on ourselves as individuals. Last Friday we entered Pisces season (this year it lasts until March 20th) and now we're on a dive into the emotional, the romantic and the cosmic. Bonus, we've got no planets currently in retrograde, so it could be fairly smooth swimming.

Not to say there won't be some rough waters, Pisces season is associated with crying, tears of joy or sadness as this is a time of high emotions in general. As the weather warms up, consider taking some time near the Clark Fork River or a hiking trail to process some of these deeper feelings.

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After careerist Capricorn season and the individualistic Aquarius season, finally we're more interested in our relationships, platonic or otherwise. If you do have a significant other, consider going on a date at one of Missoula's restaurants, there are fancy options but also more casual places that are perfect for a cute date.

Artistic hobbies like painting or playing an instrument can always be fun, but in particular around this time, I think. If you'd like to try something creative for the first time, maybe take a class at the Lifelong Learning Center.

My favorite quality about Pisces is that it's the most mystical of entire zodiac, and Missoula is practically in the astral realm to begin with. Embrace your spiritual side, pay attention to your dreams and don't necessarily doubt what could be a psychic impulse. In a dreamy place like this, anything is possible.

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