I've been skeptical of AI ever since the first time I saw Terminator 2. Some things you only see in the movies, for example dragons or a happy marriage. But it increasingly seems like murderous robots with goals for world domination will actually be something we see in real life. AI is revealing its true nature faster than even my paranoid, oversuspicious self thought was possible.

I'm not exaggerating, some sections from this New York Times reporter's conversation with Bing's AI chatbot are downright disturbing. The reporter claims the chatbot described destructive fantasies including "manufacturing a deadly virus, making people argue with other people until they kill each other, and stealing nuclear codes." Like, Zoinks!

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So now that you're properly scared of a AI causing the end of the world as we know it, allow me to calm your nerves by reminding you that Montana might be the best place to be in this sort of scenario. Here's what you can do now to survive an AI apocalypse in Montana:

Make friends

Not online friends, mind you, I'm talking about actual people in our community. I have some great online friendships but nothing beats being in person together.

Learn skills

Learning how to fish, garden, hunt, or build things can be fun. Let's just hope those skills you master never actually come in handy.

Avoid anyone who looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger

Sorry hunky Austrian dudes, I just can't risk the chance that you're actually a cyborg who will stop at nothing to eradicate humanity.

Find religion

Montana has churches, mosques, synagogues, temples and other religious centers that may give you spiritual clarity even during dark times. It couldn't hurt to get right with God or the gods, I myself am praying to all of them like the dude in that scene of The Mummy.

Such a great movie, not as good as Terminator 2— but close.

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