Next month Taylor Swift starts her "The Eras Tour" and HUGE surprise, she currently has no concerts planned in the state of Montana. That's a huge bummer because her shows look like such a blast.

Every Montanan knows the Treasure State isn't first on the list of places international superstar musicians typically perform at. There's also logistical factors that make holding massive events difficult here. But if anyone could make it happen, it's T Swizzle. Here's how we convince her to play a concert in Montana:

Chicken and Dumplings

In 2013 Taytay did an interivew with Bon Appétit and said that her go-to dish to impress friends and family is chicken and dumplings. So I say we impress her by making the world's largest chicken and dumplings casserole. Oh and I definitely want a bite of it after we're done measuring it for Guinness.


According to, a website that covers good deeds by celebrities, she's donated to charities like Feeding America and Red Cross. So maybe we could make a huge donation in her name or something? I'm not sure if expecting something in return for charity is entirely commendable, but you see where I'm going with this.


We should put up Taylor Swift statutes and paint gigantic Taylor Swift murals. Sure it's crazy— just crazy enough to work.


If every Montanan got together one afternoon for a sing along to Shake It Off that might be a big enough stunt to convince her to perform here. Even if she didn't, it'd still be fun to sing that total bop with all of you.

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