For a long time I was going to the Southside Kettlehouse and while I noticed a food truck outside, I never paid much attention to it. It was the Wally & Buck Burger Co. food truck. After months of seeing them, I finally tried their burgers and it was delicious. From the very first bite I was mad that I hadn't tried them earlier. Well I have good news for all Missoulians as Wally & Buck will now be opening their own restaurant.

The Wally and Buck owners posted on their business Facebook Page that after 3 1/2 years with lots of support from the community they are already working towards an opening date.

There is no word yet on the exact location or expected date to open but if you keep an eye on their Facebook page those details will be released soon. If you haven't tried one of their burgers yet, make sure it is a priority just as soon as those doors open.

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