When I first moved to Missoula a few months ago and was asking around about places I need to check out, there was one phrase that kept coming up: "You gotta go to Hoagieville."

And I did! Man, I was not prepared for how good that was - but now it looks like Missoula will be losing one of its Hoagieville locations. Or at least, it's being transformed into something else under the same owner.

Chris Goble, who owns the Hoagieville location on South Higgins Ave, is changing some things up - he's turning Hoagieville into a new restaurant called "Brewed," a family-friendly location that will also act as a coffee joint and a beer and wine taphouse.

The decision came after Goble observed the changing attitudes in his customers and realizing he needed to modernize his business model. He even called up the shop's former owner, Nick Alonzo, to get his blessing.

The new stuff Goble is adding - including upper-level patio seating and craft beers from around town - sound right up my alley. We still have a couple of other Hoagieville locations in town, so it's not like our favorite hoagies are going anywhere either. What do you think about the change?

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