Y'all know me. Know that I like me some cheeseburgers. And when I can get those burgers for free? Well, that's even better.

So imagine my excitement when I discovered that Wendy's is giving out some free burgers! Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers, to be exact, and they'll be doing it for the next three weeks. You're gonna need the Wendy's app to access these burgers, though - just click on "Offers" and you'll find a whole bunch of deals, including the burgers.

Basically, it's a free burger with any purchase, so if you're already stopping by for a Frosty or some fries, you can toss in a burger while you're at it. Not bad, right? We've got a few Wendy's locations here in Missoula, and cool news - there's no limit on the offer. You could stop by Wendy's three times a day for the next three weeks and keep redeeming that free junior bacon cheeseburger. Your doctor probably wouldn't recommend that, but what does that guy know?

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