Earlier this year, I got to check out Magic City Hippies as they played the Top Hat - I didn't know the band super well at the time and mostly knew them just by reputation after they had made the rounds at a few festivals. I had a blast at the show, and immediately became a fan afterwards.
So now, the news has come through that Magic City Hippies are actually coming BACK to Missoula for another show at the Top Hat, almost exactly a year later on February 11th, 2020.
Here's how Logjam describes the band in their press release:
Once a one-man-band playing on the streets of Miami, Robby Hunter eventually enlisted the support of multi-instrumentalists Pat Howard (drums) and John Coughlin (guitar). The trio dubbed themselves Robby Hunter Band and released a self-produced, widely acclaimed debut LP in 2013 entitled Magic City Hippies.
After the release of two follow-up singles, “HUSH” and “Heart Wants” in 2016, the band was picked up by Hippo Campus for an opening slot on a national tour, playing 40+ shows in over 30 states over the course of 8 weeks — one show taking place at the Top Hat in February of 2017.  In August of 2019, they released their debut album, Modern Animal.

Tickets are on sale right now, and I can fully endorse that you should go. I'll probably be heading back for round 2 myself. 

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