I've loved the M&M's mascots since I was a kid, and as much as I'm sincerely a fan of Maya Rudolph, the fact that the spokescandies are on an indefinite pause does make me feel sad. Well, sort of sad. On one hand I have a sort of nostalgia for them, I remember playing with my red M&M toy, but on the other hand I'm not sure a child should see some of the commercials they used to have with these guys. Looking back I'm disturbed by some of the ad's cannibalism jokes, not to mention the sultry demeanor of the green M&M.

Yeah, the M&M's characters are weird alright, sort of like Montanan towns actually. Last week I wrote about Montana towns as Spongebob Squarepants characters, now here's the list of spokescandies and which Montanan towns I think they resemble:

Red - Butte

He's is the cocky yet charismatic M&M with an attitude, who takes orders from no one. If that doesn't sound like Butte, then neither does a beer on Saint Patrick's Day.

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Yellow - Missoula

For a start, he's voiced by J.K. Simmons, who graduated from the University of Montana. Yellow is also the chillest M&M, he'd mesh well in Zootown.

Orange - Bozeman

You know how he's always scared people are going to eat him? That's kind of like how Bozeman's scared it'll be disowned by Montana and officially become part of California.

Brown - Helena

I suppose our state's capital should be represented by the boss M&M, and she's wearing glasses which in cartoons always means the character is intelligent.

Green - Whitefish

And by that I mean Whitefish resembles the updated, family-friendly version of the character. Not the baby-talking, high-heel wearing vixen which literally did a striptease in one of the ads. Yeah, that really happened. I'd link the video but I figure the weirdos can find it on their own.

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