I'll admit I suffer from what's called a "performer's ego" which means I have a minimum threshold for compliments per week and if I don't meet my quota, I'm swallowed up by an existential crisis. Yes, there's a black hole inside my spirit which demands approval from strangers, but hey, that's show business for ya.

I'm not the only one who likes a compliment now and again, even the humble Montanan likes some recognition once in a while. It can feel great when you share kind words with someone who appreciates it, so I try to always give credit where it's due. Here are the compliments I think Montanans love the most:

"Nice truck"

The only thing Montanans love more than driving their trucks is being seen driving their trucks. With just two words, "nice truck" you can totally make a Montanan's day.

"Nice catch"

Meaning "nice fish that you caught." Use this compliment for a Montanan's dating profile picture, which always features a bass for some reason.

"Nice Lawn"

I've met many Hank Hill-esqe Montanans who love to talk about their lawn. Bonus points for complimenting their lawn mower.

"Nice boots"

"Real Montanans don't care how they look"— what a lie. Compliment a Montanan's boots and watch them turn as red as a Flathead cherry.

"You have a beautiful family"

I'm ending wholesome here. I'm not saying Montanans are the only people who say that phrase, but I do think we say it a lot. Rightly so, there are a lot of beautiful families out there and it's never wrong to point that out.

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