With thousands of fans coming to Missoula for Homecoming weekend, the Montana Highway Patrol and other law enforcement agencies will have extra patrols looking for impaired drivers.

MHP Captain Jim Kitchen said his agency will primarily be patrolling the highways coming into and out of Missoula.

"We're going to have a lot of increased traffic coming in and out of the area on Highway 200 and on I-90, up from the Bitterroot and down from the Kalispell area on 93 , we just want everybody to drive safely this weekend." Kitchen said. "We will have extra patrols out on the road. I know that the city and the county will, as well. "

Kitchen said all law enforcement agencies have a 'no-tolerance' policy for drunk or impaired driving, in that anyone proven to be driving impaired will be arrested and taken to jail.

"The best deterrent to drinking and driving is not to do it at all," he said.

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