Montana and Texas are so similar it's almost suspicious. Like the authors of the matrix saved time coding by making Texas the desert version of Montana. I won't take you down that rabbit hole— all I'm saying is look into it.

Paranoid delusions aside, it's remarkable how similar the two states are despite being so far apart geographically. Here's what Montana and Texas have in common:


We call Montana "big sky" and they have the phrase "everything's bigger in Texas." As far as I know they're the only two states that brag about size and you better keep your mind out of the gutter because I refuse to make an anatomical joke here. I save that material for open mics.

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Country Music

Both states have plenty of country fans as well as country songs written about them. Texas may have us beat in famous country musicians, but if we had southern accents here we'd probably be neck and neck.


Loving steak isn't a personality trait, but in Montana and Texas it is. We love steak and we need everyone to know how much we love it. We also need everyone to know how offended we are at anyone who eats steaks well done. The audacity!

State Pride

People are proud to be Texans just like they're proud to be Montanans. I don't think there's as much enthusiasm to be from places like Arizona or Delaware.


I'm sure there's a few Montanans who just wish we had a wild boar problem like they have down south, only as an excuse to hunt them into a manageable population size.

Blue Spots

Missoula and Austin are so twins, it's like twins-ception.

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