Huckleberry isn't a flavor that people associate with Thanksgiving... yet. But I believe it will be, because it absolutely should. The taste of huckleberries makes me grateful for life itself, which is the spirit of the holiday after all. Here are huckleberry-tastic suggestions that could make your Thanksgiving dinner even better:

Huckleberry Pie

Apple pie and pumpkin pie are in a fierce battle to determine what's the second best pie in the world, the very best is obvious. I won't tell you the answer but it rhymes with "buckle hairy."

Huckleberry Ice Cream

Have it with your huckleberry pie, you can never have too much huckleberry. In fact, forget the turkey. Eat handfuls of raw huckleberries instead— just kidding... or am I?

Huckleberry Drinks

Huckleberry beers and huckleberry hard seltzers are delicious. For more specific recommendations, here's a list of Montana beers to pair with Thanksgiving dinner and Montana beverages in general too. Of course there's huckleberry on both lists.

Huckleberry Jam

Rolls play an important role on Thanksgiving (see what I did there?) that said, they are a tad boring. Give your rolls some zing by using delicious jam.

Dressing with Huckleberries

Or stuffing, whichever term you prefer. I'll admit I hadn't thought of this idea until I started brainstorming for this list, but now I can't wait to try it.

Forget Cranberries

Cranberries had it too good for too long. It was a nice run, but from now on huckleberries will take their place. Anything you used to do with cranberries, now do it with the far-superior huckleberries for maximum tastiness.

Vintage Photos Of Montana

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