The foods we associate with Thanksgiving are obvious, turkey and stuffing and gravy and I could go on and on. When it comes to liquids, however, the options are more vague. For the most important meal of the year, I make all of my consumption choices with purpose. That's why every Thanksgiving I make a point to drink a Montanan beverage as a way of celebrating my gratitude for this state. That sounds corny, but it's true. Here are some Montanan beverages I'd recommend to wash down your holiday deliciousness.

Vanilla Cold Smoke

Many Montanans drink KettleHouse Brewing's Cold Smoke year round, but this version is seasonal. The rich, malty flavor of a scotch ale mixed with sweetness of vanilla seems great to drink with dessert, or any part of the meal.

2018 Chardonnay

Apparently Montana is trying to become the next wine country, which makes sense because it's already the beer capital of the world as far as I'm concerned, so it's about time this state takes on a new frontier. I'll admit I don't know much about wine but I've heard chardonnay is great for Thanksgiving, so I'll recommend this one from Yellowstone Cellars and Wineries.

North Fork Rye Whiskey

If you're a whiskey person, you should try this one out from Glacier Distilling Company. It was featured on Uproxx's list of the best whiskeys in each state. This article has examples of other great Montana whiskeys.

Huckleberry Spiked Seltzer

By now I know you were wondering If I was foolish enough to have no huckleberry representation on this list, but I could never forget Montana's favorite flavor. I'll recommend this seltzer by Big Sky Brewing Company.

Kaffa (Coffee Beans)

Looking out for the sober people, I had to include this recommendation. This Ethiopian light roast from Black Coffee Roasting Company seems delicious. Their website describes it as "incredibly smooth, balanced, and rich, with notes of caramel, juniper berry, fig, and a soft, sweet citrus acidity."

Have a happy Montanan Thanksgiving :)

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