When it comes to staying in a Montanan's home, there are dos and don'ts. The dos are obvious and apply to every American home, you bring gifts, make your bed, offer to help in the kitchen— I could go on and on. It's the don'ts that are more tricky, especially in this state. If you want to be a great houseguest in a Montana home, here are 5 things NOT to do:

Complain About The Weather

"It's cold outside." We know. "It's windy." We know. "It looks like there's a snow apocalypse and the world is ending." Yeah, it's like that every February. Convert your urge to complain about the weather into hatred for Californians, it's what we do. Speaking of which, you definitely don't want to do this next one...

Bring A California Wine

Or anything Californian for that matter. Montanans hate Californians like Garfield hates Mondays. Yes, it's that serious. But here's why I think Californians and Montanans are the same, and here are some more reasons.

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Mention FCS Football

There are rare exceptions to this. Like tonight if you're staying in Bozeman, go ahead and bring up the brawl of the wild. If you're staying in Missoula tonight, different story. Be safe and discuss the NFL instead.

Ask About Real Estate

Real estate has been a touchy subject for Montanans since the pandemic-housing boom. We miss the days when people didn't realize how awesome this state is, damn you Paramount's Yellowstone. Which reminds me of something else you should avoid doing...

Request to Watch Yellowstone

We don't have to watch Yellowstone, we live it. Just kidding, real life in Montana is way different than on the show. For more on that, hear this woman's rant on fans of Yellowstone who want to move here.

The Five Worst Places To Live In Montana

It's not our fault - these towns certainly have merit, but with so many other options, you could do better! For many reasons, these are the five worst places to live in Montana.

Montanan's Biggest Pet-Peeve is Hilarious

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