Last week I wrote an article titled "Montana Beverages to Pair with Your Thanksgiving Dinner" and I quickly realized that I really wanted to focus on the beers, so that's what I'll do now. Maybe wine is more traditional for a Thanksgiving feast, but for my most important meal of the year, I choose to drink what tastes best, which is always a Montana beer (excuse the rhyme). Here are 5 Montana beers I'd recommend to was down your holiday deliciousness:

Powder Hound - IPA

On late Summer days when I feel afraid of the cold weather ahead, I remind myself that least Powder Hound will be available by then. Big Sky Brewing Company's website describes it as "bold and assertive" and that it has "just the right amount of warmth with a generous dose of hops."

Dark Matter - American Stout

If you're in no rush that night, sip this stout nice and slow. It seems great for the entire meal, but particularly desert. Imagine Nation Brewing Company's website describes "aromas of fresh roast cacao, dark coffee, toasted nuts, and subtle maple." and the taste of "bittersweet chocolate chips, burnt caramel, maple, and a beautifully intact dark malt character."

Doppelbock - Lager

This beer is available late October through early February, so get it while you can. It's "dark, smooth and has plenty of hops (Saaz & Hallertauer Perle) and malt" according to Bayern Brewing's website.

Halo Huckleberry - Hefeweizen

Of course I had to put some huckleberry flavor on this list, so I recommend Lewis and Clark Brewing Company's huckleberry twist on their Miner's Gold, which is also tasty.

 Blueberry Muffin Sour - Sour, Fruited

I've actually never tried this beer, but now I feel like I need to. It has "a hint of cinnamon and almond" and it's "slightly sweet, but not tart all the way through" according to MAP Brewing's website.

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