These were delicious and I will definitely be going back for a milkshake and more. We do have a few good options for milkshakes in this area but have you tried these? There were a lot of options.

The Uptown Diner downtown Missoula, I have to admit I believe that was my first time there. Obviously diner style food and shakes. My kind of place, they have breakfast all day on Sunday ( they close at 3) and they have great shakes. They also have Malts as well, which a few people were enjoying while I was in there.

They have all kinds of options as far as flavor. I had an Oreo with maraschino cherry shake. They have great specialty to ones too it looked like from caramel and marshmallow to strawberry and banana. Plus who doesn't love some whip cream and a cherry.

Who else do you think has great milkshakes? Tell us here.

Charene Herrera TSM
Charene Herrera TSM

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