I'm probably the odd ball as I am in lots of situations but I have only named one car I have ever owned. While I love having transportation and the freedom to go places I guess I never think about it, and I don't even think I thought up the name when I did have a car with a name. One of my friends thought it up for me. Regardless, Toco Warranty just did a survey that shows 56% of all people have named their car.

The one car I did own that had a name was called "Club Lancer" because it was a Mitsubishi Lancer that probably had too much partying going on in there. Luckily I have matured since then. What about you, do you have a name for your vehicle?

Also revealed in the survey was that 20% of people name their car after a movie, TV show, or song. 17% have named a vehicle after a celebrity. 42% have named their car based on a color, 18% of people talk to their car daily (which I guess is easier if it has a name). Lastly, 63% of people have encouraged their car at one point or another, which I will admit I encourage my car to warm up if it's freezing.

Some of the funniest names owners have given to their vehicles:

  • The Bug Slayer
  • Earth Mover
  • Baby Sweet Lil’ Kayden
  • Cujo
  • Fancy Jenny
  • Grease Lightning
  • Uriah (Note: “because it was a heap”)
  • Kermit
  • Lil’ Speedz
  • Miss Tigglywinkle
  • Muscle boy
  • Autohoward
  • Optimus Punto
  • Professor Yaffle
  • Yoda

Okay, now what do you call your car, truck or SUV?

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