Summer has always been and will always been my favorite season. While I can appreciate the beauty of spring, fall or winter I love the warm temperatures that come with the summer months. Most of us have realized that even if there is a season we don't enjoy it's only a short period of time until that has passed and we're on to bigger and better. I didn't know until recently that 46% of people surveyed by Healthspan think winter is bad for their health.

When you think about it I guess it makes sense, because if one type of weather always puts you in a bad mood that will have an affect on your overall health. There were lots of other interesting facts that came out during the study like:

  • 30% of people have less energy during the winter months.
  • 22% of people gain more weight in the winter (which makes sense around the holidays)
  • 64% of people say cold winter months put them in a bad mood.

If you're having trouble getting out of the winter time blues, I would highly suggest finding a new indoor activity like bowling, painting, or like I have done recently got into shooting firearms.

Here are a list of top reasons for being in a bad mood in the winter:

  1. It's dark outside earlier
  2. Dealing with cold temperatures outside
  3. The days feel shorter
  4. Can't go outside for as long
  5. Getting less exercise, feeling unfit
  6. Always being hungry
  7. Struggling to sleep
  8. Have less of a social life
  9. Have a bad skin tone

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