Like most people I really enjoy traveling, seeing new places and trying out new food is one of my favorite hobbies. When traveling on these adventures it almost always requires a ride on an airplane. On all flights travelers are offered snacks or beverages, should we be tipping the flight attendants who bring us these items?

The topic has gotten big over the past few days due to Frontier Airlines asking passengers to tip flight attendants after ordering drinks or food. Passengers are handed a mobile tablet which allows them to add a gratuity to their bill. The tablet reads "Gratuities Are Appreciated". Frontier has also spoken up saying that flight attendants then split tips.

I've never really thought about tipping a flight attendant before, I guess I really should have when I was loudly ordering drinks on the way down to Las Vegas. It makes me think maybe on my next flight I should grab some smaller bills just in case I do order something on the flight. Will you start tipping when on airplanes?

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