Going on an adventure or trying something new (or both) is one of my favorite parts of every weekend. There's something so rejuvenating about being outdoors, away from all the social obligations and work stressors, that really puts things into perspective.

This past weekend, I set aside some time for a little cross country skiing with my friend Lauren, up in Evaro. To say that Lauren, a born and bread Montana girl, is a more experienced cross country skiier than I am, is the understatement of the century! By the end of the day, I must have fallen and slowly gotten back up at least 50 times.

But one of the best parts about the trail we were on, was that it was basically empty. So even though I fell a lot, I didn't have to worry about someone coming up fast behind me and running me over. We were very much able to keep a slow but steady pace the entire day! Which as a beginner, I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Plus Montana decided we needed a little more snow in our lives, so the fresh layer made the trail smoother and a lot more fun! The extra snow also made for some pretty breathtaking pictures as well...

So if you're looking to get some much needed outdoor time in your life, but you don't want to stray too far from Missoula, Evaro is the perfect place to mix things up!

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