Sometimes you just gotta get in a car with a couple of your friends, go for a drive and spend the day adventuring. Especially when the weather is nice! But not even a couple of clouds, or a cool breeze, could lessen the beauty of the day-trip I went on with my friends Lauren and Crysta to the Mission Mountains!

That breathtaking first-look of the Missions, right when you come up over the hill on US 93 by St. Ignatius, is worth the drive alone. But actually being able to get out of your car, breathe the fresh crisp air and trek up to a few waterfalls, would take your day to a whole new level...

And that's exactly what we did!

As far as equipment goes, we didn't really need more than the basics. Personally, I had on my waterproof hiking boots with my thick wool socks, two layers on top and one on the bottom and a backpack with a Camelback water pouch. The three of us also always carry around a pair of Yaktrax in our backpacks just in case, but we didn't end up needing to use them! (Pro Tip: Everything I brought with me you can get at Bob Wards for super cheap!)

Overall the trails were pretty decent as far as upkeep goes. There were a couple fallen trees blocking the path, but the way around them, or through them, was easy to navigate. The only thing we made a note of was the fact that the farther in we ventured, the less worn-in the trail. So just keep that in mind and make sure you know where you're going if you make the Mission Mountains your next day-trip! Which you totally should!

The Mission Mountains are pretty freaking photogenic!

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