The Big Sky Resort is known for a lot of things, including attracting the creme de la creme of Hollywood. So it only makes sense that they look and play the part of a luxurious vacation retreat!

This week the Big Sky Resort announced that they're building North America's first high-speed eight-seater chairlift system. And word on the street is that it should be completed as soon as winter 2018. (So not this winter, but next!)

Here's a piece of the Big Sky Resort press release detailing the new project:

Big Sky Resort unveiled Wednesday that that it will bring the first eight-seat, high-speed chairlift to North America, delivering on its commitment to create the most technologically advanced chairlift network in North America.

At a community gathering, Boyne Resorts President Stephen Kircher announced plans to introduce the state-of-the-art D-line Doppelmayr eight-seat chairlift for next ski season with ergonomically designed, extra-wide, heated seats and "Big Sky blue" bubbles on Andesite Mountain.

Kircher also presented plans to replace the Shedhorn double chair with a high-speed quad. The new high-speed lift will shorten the uphill ride by nearly two thirds. Additionally, the chairs will be more wind-resistant, creating a more pleasurable experience for guests.

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