Missoula is a creative, weird, intellectual, political, socially-conscious city— all qualities that are Aquarian. Despite the cold weather, there's something about the vibes of this city that really gels with Aquarius season, which is from January 20th through February 18th this year. As a boost, from January 22nd until April 21st there will be zero planets in retrograde. I won't explain retrogrades here, but to keep it short I'll just say that retrogrades are a bummer and that the astrology aficionados are all excited to have some cosmic tranquility for that roughly 3-month period.

We're moving passed the stiff and reflective Capricorn season into a time that's more groovy and forward thinking. Another shift is that Capricorn season is more focused on self improvement, think new year's resolutions, but Aquarius season is more social and focused on the collective. Aquarius season is also more rebellious, luckily a city like Missoula isn't allergic to that sort of attitude. There are times when it's ok to indulge an unconventional instinct, a lot of great ideas are born from experimentation.

The intellectual side of this time may inspire you to hit the books at the Missoula Public Library, maybe to learn a new language or a scientific or political subject. Alternatively you may desire to embrace your creative side, so maybe visit the art museums on First Friday or invest in a new musical instrument.

Maybe the best quality of Aquarian quality is its humanitarian nature. If you want to act locally for the good of our community, here's some ideas on how to put that feeling into action.

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