The stereotype of what Montanans drink is beer and whiskey, but in my experience out and about, vodka is popular here too. Wikipedia reads that vodka originated in Poland, Russia and Sweden— cold places. If you haven't noticed, it gets pretty cold here too. And I'll admit I've used vodka to warm up nearly as often as I've worn a jacket, not really but roll with me. What I'm saying is, even though vodka isn't a traditional Montana drink, it still fits with our state's aesthetic, particularly when it's mixed in a cocktail with local flavors. Here's some vodka cocktail ideas for when you're feeling Treasure State pride:

Huckleberry Sour

Let's start with huckleberry because it's the most Montana flavor I can think of. I got the idea of a sour from Reddit, the ingredients are "360 Huckleberry vodka Huckleberry puree Grapefruit juice Simple syrup Splash of sour Shake Serve over ice or as a shot" according to Adventerous_Aerie_68.

Flathead Cherry Lemonade

My mouth is watering just imagining it. Wild Rye Distilling Company recommends "1 oz Wildrye Cherry Vodka, 1 ½ oz lemon juice, ½ oz cherry juice, splash of simple syrup, and top with Soda Water." Alternatively you could get regular vodka and get the Flathead cherry flavor separately.

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Bacon Cocktail

We all really need to be combining bacon and alcohol a lot more, let's step our game up. Here are the ingredients from Spruce Eats, but I'll warn you, they call it the "Bacon Me Angry Cocktail" so try not to cringe too hard.

Vodka Irish Coffee

I don't need it to be Saint Patrick's Day for me to try this. "add cold brewed coffee, vodka, Irish cream, and a dash of bitters to an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Cover and shake until combined" then you "Strain into a 6-oz. ice-filled glass. Sprinkle with ground nutmeg, if desired" according to Hy-Vee Season Magazine.

Beet Cocktail

Shout out to Billings for this one. Check out Tito's Heartbeet or get creative.

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