This has probably been my favorite unorthodox pumpkin that I decorated one year. Of course this is pretty self explanatory but there are ways to jazz it up and make it your own.

There are many ways to not to do the traditional carving, maybe you don't have time or want something different. You can paint them, or melt crayons on them (that was a fun but messy one) or use buttons to decorate.

This one I wanted to say something Halloween-ish but didn't want to use just black and orange. So I decided to go with blues and purples ( I think that is the only full bag of buttons I could find...) but also was able to get some pretty sparkly purple ribbon to use as the 'topper'.

Just use a hot glue gun and arrange the buttons the way you want then add the ribbon and done!

PS I got rid of the orange chair and am now sad.... how perfect for Halloween photos.

Charene Herrera TSM
Charene Herrera TSM
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