A few weeks back, country superstar Garth Brooks did a massive drive-in concert, which was brought to hundreds of locations all across the country, and it ended up being the very first thing shown at the brand new Pharaohplex Drive-In in Hamilton. The event was a success, so naturally, other artists are looking to follow suit.

And that includes another country icon, Blake Shelton, who announced this week that he'll be doing his own drive-in concert at 300 locations across the country, featuring Gwen Stefani and Trace Adkins. And now that Pharaohplex is up and running, they'll be showing this one, too! The show is scheduled to take place on July 25th.

Tickets are going for $114.99, but remember, that's for a vehicle of up to six people. Split that six ways, and suddenly you're paying about $19, and you'd never see Blake Shelton for that cheap under normal circumstances. They'll be going on sale over at Ticketmaster on Tuesday, July 14th.

Have you made it out to the Pharaohplex Drive-In yet? Since the Garth Brooks show, they've been showing classic movies like Jurassic Park and The Empire Strikes Back, but I haven't had the time to make my way over there. I do know that the Garth Brooks concert completely sold out in Hamilton, so I'm guessing this Blake Shelton one might do the same. Get your tickets as early as you can!

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