Being a Montanan isn't a right, it's a privilege if you ask me. Anyone could be born on a particular spot on a map, but to truly embody the spirit of the Treasure State, there are certain lines you just don't cross. Here are 11 things that would get your Montana card revoked:

Move to California

That's siding with the enemy, your card is revoked the second you step into that coastal monstrosity. You're welcome back if you come to your senses, but you won't get your card back without some groveling.

Mess with animals

That's what tourists do, not true Montanans. We know how dangerous wildlife can be, so we appreciate their majesty from a safe distance.


I've heard of people stealing elk meat right from someone's trunk, but they must not've been Montanans. Well, they weren't after doing that anyway.


We live in the most beautiful place in the world and we want to keep it that way. You feel like dropping that soda can on the ground? Go ahead and drop your Montana card with it.


Montanans are tough, but they're also patient and polite. They also care about workers, so it's expected that you're always gracious with people in the service industry.

Never drink local

Drink whatever you want, but at least try a local brew. Nondrinkers must at least try a huckleberry lemonade, I don't make the rules.

Encouraging people to move here

The secret that Montana is a great place to live is kind of blown at this point, but if you like your Montana card, don't tell anyone else.

 Disrespect bluegrass

If you don't like it that's fine, just don't be a hater.

Wear the wrong jersey in the wrong city

I'm a Griz fan, but when I visit Bozeman I wouldn't be caught dead wearing maroon.


Bands, comedians and other performers love their gigs in Montana because of the energy Montanans bring as an audience. Hecklers reflect bad on all of us, that's not cool.

Eat lab-grown meat

This article tells you Montanan's opinion on this subject, spoiler alert— they don't like it.

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