I think Montana has the best beer in the world, and no offense to the breweries from other Montana towns, I also think that's mostly thanks to Missoula. It's not enough for me to drink local, I drink hyperlocal. I consider any beer brewed more than 10 blocks from my apartment to be an import. That's only halfway a joke considering most of the beer I drink is brewed within a walking distance of where I'm sitting at this very moment. So speaking from experience, here's some great Missoula breweries to visit if you're in the mood to drink local:

Conflux Brewing Company

Something about this brewery is so inviting. It's at a convenient downtown location with a neat interior, big windows and a balcony for some fresh air while you're sipping. I could go on about the building itself, and the quality of their beer lives up to the setting. Plenty of seasonal beers in stock, so you won't get bored drinking the same thing.

KettleHouse Brewing Co

Cold Smoke is a Missoula staple, dark and smooth. Another fantastic mainstay is their Fresh Bongwater, which isn't what it sounds like, it's a hemp pale ale.

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Big Sky Brewing

To be honest I had my reservations about trying a beer called "Moose Drool," but I'm glad I did. They have two beers that I need to have every summer and every winter respectively, Summer Honey and Powder Hound.

Bayern Brewing

Bayern is what made me first fall in love with Montana beers, they have a great selection of lagers and I think they also deserve credit for their box art.

Draught Works Brewery

Live music every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday with other events occasionally. They have a nice big patio and elbow room inside too. My favorite beer of theres is the Scepter, a citrusy IPA.


The Dram Shop, Cranky Sam Public House, Tamarack Brewing Co, I've drank beers from every place on this entire list and have been a happy customer every time. Missoula truly is the beer capital of the world.

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