I keep hearing about this "Taco Tuesday" battle between Taco Bell and Taco John's. I'm not savvy enough to form a legal opinion on that— all I know is all this taco talk is making me hungry. Here's where you can find tasty tacos in Missoula:

El Cazador

Though they no longer have their Higgins location (much to my dismay) you can still eat their tacos at their restaurant on South Avenue West.

Mexican Moose

They always come in so clutch for me when I'm watching metal shows at The Dark Horse Bar, though you don't need to be watching a concert to enjoy tacos from Mexican Moose.


Tacos, video games and local beer. Yeah, Gild is awesome.

Fiesta En Jalisco

There's plenty of food options in that area, and I often choose tacos from Fiesta En Jalisco.

Pangea Bar & Restaurant

Their convenient downtown location looks so inviting, the food looks great too.

The Camino

Maybe the classiest restaurant on this list, everyone I know who has tried it loves The Camino.

Taco Sano

When you're on the hip strip and you're hungry for tacos, Taco Sano is there for you.

Taco del Sol

Love the fun vibe of each of their locations, there's actually 3 of them in Missoula.

Taco Treat

They actually have a taco burger, which I've never tried before but I feel like I have to now.

Taco John's

Drive through only but that doesn't bother me, I've never had to wait too long any time I've been there.

Taco Bell

My guess is you don't need me to describe what Taco Bell is like, so I won't. Enjoy your tacos :)

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