Not many people think much of Montana when it comes to entertainment, especially Hollywood. Very seldom does a Montana town make it as a location in a movie or tv show. Every once in a while though, Montana does grace the silver screen. This is our list of the top 5 mentions of Montana in a Movie or TV Show. Did your favorites make the list? Let us know if we overlooked any. WARNING: Minor spoilers inside.

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    Bozeman and Montana are mentioned more than a few times in the movie Shooter, staring Mark Wahlberg. In one scene, Mark Wahlberg's character is shown on a highway overpass somewhere outside Bozeman, MT. I doubt the film crew made the trip to Montana to get the shot but it was cool to read Bozeman, MT at the bottom of the screen. One of the main antagonists in the film portrays a fictional Montana Senator. This leads up to a glorious scene where Mark Wahlberg's character demolishes an entire log cabin that is also located somewhere close to Bozeman, MT (in the movie mind you)

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    On episode 'Unexpected' Sylar is traveling the country collecting the powers of his prey. One particularly intriguing power brings Sylar to a fictional Bozeman, MT. The scene is of an old mechanic shop with a snow laced exterior and a butch woman mechanic inside. I was so excited for this reference to Bozeman that I showed it to a couple of friends. The footage doesn't resemble Bozeman too much but at least they got the snow correct. I found a short clip of Sylar and the fictional Bozeman woman but none of Bozeman outdoors.

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    Twin Peaks

    Twin Peaks was a highly acclaimed television series from the great film maker David Lynch. David Lynch was born in Missoula, MT. I remember them making a reference to Montana in the show but after researching on Wikipedia I found some people believe the fictional town is in Washington. The show was shot in Washington which may have led to this belief. When asked what state Twin Falls is located, creator David Lynch explained that Twin Peaks is located in, "a state of confusion.' Because there is a mountain summit in Gallatin County named Twin Peaks, I will continue to believe the fictional town is somewhere very close to Bozeman.

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    Star Trek: First Contact

    Montana even made it into a Star Trek movie! I'm starting to think Montana might actually be a popular setting for film makers. In Star Trek: First Contact, 21st century Montana is represented by a village of huts where Cochrane is building a ship named the Phoenix. It is the year 2063 and the world is still in recovery after the 3rd world war. The extensive plot is difficult to explain but the most import part to take away is that Montana really is a safe haven if everything goes wrong.

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    A River Runs Through It

    While A River Runs Through It takes place near Missoula, MT, we thought it was worth a mention because a majority of the movie was shot around the rivers of Bozeman.

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