This is a perfect spot for summer and not a far drive from us. MSN just named Montana's most unusual roadside diner and it's in Polson.

This roadside diner has a great view and you can't mistake the building. Betty's Diner on 93 with Flathead Lake as the view has been named our "best roadside diner." I have been to this diner and enjoyed the food, they also offer gluten free options as well.

I am not sure I would call it unusual but they do have a cool array of some local beers, a rad building, and cool vibes.

This is what they said about the diner:

There are not many diners that are roadside and have a view of a beautiful lake. In this case, Betty’s Diner off US Highway 93 backs on to Flathead Lake. It has water views and outdoor seating to take in the unique views of Montana while chowing down on some typical diner fare. The building is unmissable from the highway as it's painted bright pink.

Way to go to Betty's in Polson!

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