Montana's such an interesting place, it really can feel like a galaxy far, far away. Part fo what makes the Star Wars universe so compelling is that it's so detailed and thought out that you feel like you could put yourself right into the story— in this case, I'll be putting the entire state of Montana into the Star Wars story. Here's what Montana would be like if reality was more like Star Wars:

Light Sabers

I think it's obvious Montanans would be big into using light sabers. Hunting would be very different, it would become less impressive to shoot game from far away. The new standard would be to get up close and use your saber to slay the beast. I also think light saber cutlery would become popular, just for the aesthetics of it.


I know ewoks are intelligent humanoids but I still would want to have one as a pet, along with wookies and whatever species Yoda is.


The only way to make a Montana rodeo more exciting would be to add force powers. Bull dodging not through artfully using a red cape, but through well-timed force pushes. These events wouldn't just be more fun to watch, they'd also be safer.


Jedis aren't allowed to be in romantic relationships, so this could impact the Treasure State's dating scene, which already isn't as plentiful as other places. That's the only downside of Star Wars-ification I can think of.


We'd have so many new animals for farming, which is nice. But is it wrong that I want to try that green milk that Luke Skywalker had in The Last Jedi?

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